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Readings are professionally recorded and sent to you as an mp3 file within three business days. Transit, Indra, and Compatibility reports are sent within one business day.

Readings with Mac


This powerful report written by Mac provides a day-to-day forecast of the effects of every significant astrological event in your chart for the next 365 days. This is like your weekly or daily horoscope, but is much more specific since it is created for your actual birth time and date rather than your sign as a whole.

Use this report to better plan your life and to understand how the heavens are affecting you each day. Click here to see a sample. Price $45.

Your life for the next year in-depth Transit Reading

In this reading Mac will interpret the upcoming planetary influences that will be occurring over the next year and how they affect your chart. Both western and eastern astrological methods are used.

It is a powerful reading that will arm you with all kinds of important and useful information for the coming year. This is a treasure trove of deeply personal information that will help you to understand the ebb and flow of life in accordance with your horoscope. Price $150. Sent as an mp3 file.

All about you in-depth birth horoscope reading

Discover your true inner strengths, abilities and proclivities in this intimate and revealing interpretation of your birth horoscope. This reading helps you to learn at a deeper level who you are and what you are all about. Health, career and love indicators are discussed. Mac also weaves his version of what life looks like according to our karma in this life. His compassion, wisdom and caring comes through.

Mac says, “Knowing your chart is not enough.  We also need to understand the deeper meaning of our spiritual lives beyond karma and the stars." You will treasure your reading throughout your life. Price $150. Sent as an mp3 file.

Find your soulmate in-depth Compatibility Reading


In this reading Mac compares your horoscope with that of your mate, child, boss or friend. The reading reveals the strengths and weaknesses that are shown between the two charts.

It is a great tool to understand the dynamics of a relationship, why we are attracted to some people and repulsed by others. It will allow you to build a much stronger relationship by knowing how you can best work together. Price $150. Sent as an mp3 file.

Tell me everything Transit and Birth Horoscope Reading

This is the best reading for first timers. In one session you get both the Birth Horoscope Reading and the Transit Reading.  You get the whole picture – what you’re all about and what’s coming in the next year.

You’ll understand your strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to your advantage over the next year. These readings are empowering and inspiring and are a must have for anyone wishing to better understand themselves and the world around them. Price $250. Sent as an mp3 file.

Your quesitons answered by email

Get the answers to your 3 most burning questions by email.

Will you find love soon? Should you consider a career change now or is it best to wait? How is your health looking over the next year? Price $75.

Kepler Powered Reports
This report describes your basic motivations, perceptions, and character from a number of different perspectives giving a highly accurate view of your life.

Your contradictory urges and drives as well as your chief focuses are described. You will understand yourself better by studying this material. This report provides guidelines for personal improvement and self discovery. Your life can improve quickly and dramatically if you apply the suggestions given here.
Click here to see a sample. Price: $30.
Find your soulmate Compatibility Report
This report analyzes the relationship between two people by comparing their sun signs and moon signs, and interprets the major aspects between the two charts.

It uncovers the most significant issues of the relationship and provides a foundation for better understanding, allowing you to build a stronger relationship. Click here to see a sample. Price $30.

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